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Chiropractic is a branch of the Healing Arts that is based upon the understanding that “Good Health” depends, in part, upon a “Normally Functioning” Nervous System (especially the Spine, and the Nerves extending from the Spine to “All” parts of the Body).

"Chiropractic" comes from the Greek word, Chiropraktikos, meaning "Effective Treatment by Hand." Chiropractic stresses the idea that the Cause of many Disease processes begins with the Body's “Inability” to adapt to its environment.

It looks to address these Diseases not by the Use of Drugs and Chemicals, but by locating and adjusting a Musculoskeletal area of the Body that is Functioning Improperly.

The Conditions that Doctors of Chiropractic address are as varied and as vast as the Nervous System itself. All Chiropractors use a standard procedure of examination to Diagnose a Patient's Condition and arrive at a Course of Treatment.

Doctors of Chiropractic use the same time-honored Methods of Consultation, Case History, Physical Examination, Laboratory Analysis and X-ray Examination as any other Doctor. In addition, they provide a careful Chiropractic structural examination, paying particular attention to the Spine.

The Examination of the Spine to evaluate structure and function is what makes Chiropractic different from other Health Care Procedures.

Your Spinal Column is a series of movable bones that begin at the Base of your Skull and end in the Center of your Hips.

31 pairs of Spinal Nerves extend down the Spine from the Brain and exit through a series of openings.

The Nerves leave the Spine and “Form” a complicated Network that influences every living tissue in your body.

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