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"End Your Pain and Get Your Life Back"

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Chiro Dynamics Health & Wellness


* Chiropractic: Exam & Adjustment

* Cold Laser Therapy: Speeds Healing by 400%

* Far-Infrared Therapy: Relieves Pain, Lose Weight, Boosts Immune System

* Food Testing: Foods that are Making You Sick!

* Injuries: Auto Accidents

* Ionic Body Detox: Eliminate Heavy Metals / Flu & Cold Symptoms

* Massage Therapy: Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Reflexology, Sports, Swedish

* Miracle II Products: Alkaline PH & Always In Stock

* Neurotransmitter Testing: ADD, Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue

* Spinal Decompression: Non-Surgical Disc Bulge / Herniation / Sciatica / Spinal Stenosis

* Supplements: All Natural Whole Food Based

* Weight Loss: Free Consultation

* Weight Loss: Dynamic Trim Weight Loss System

* Massage: Chiro Dynamics Rub Club: Monthly Massages

Most Insurances Accepted!

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